As organizations operations continue diversifying enormously, the need to have cutting-edge Data Centre has become paramount to stay competitive in the market. Our end-to-end Data Centre solutions do not only leverage to tailor your today’s technology needs by but also ensures your organization is ready to incorporate your future needs, ensuring your organization stays sustainable.

It can never be neglected change is continual. Within just a span of just 5 years where a quarter of the world had access to the internet, has now doubled, making tremendous demand for powerful and reliable Data Centre and large storage capacity vital to keep the world connected.

Looking through the IT organization’s perspective, IT has become an enabler in making organizations competitive. This is a paradigm shift from what has traditionally used to be a minor support for an organization to becoming a major organization’s priority.

We as your ICT solution provider, we help you stay stress-free with our business-tailored IT solutions which fit your organizational needs helping your team stay focused on their business core activities.

With our Future-Ready solutions enables your organization to have a combined platform for both new and traditional IT system helping organizations incur lower TCO as well as helping them stay competitive in the market.

Data Center
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Organizations today more than ever rely on highly demanding, performance-starved applications to provide the information their stakeholders need. Business-critical, data-intensive applicationssuch as ERP, CRM, analytics and intelligence demand the utmost levels of performance as these systems become core to the company’s operations.

To run these critical applications promptly, our solution enables your organization to have an IT infrastructure that can handle growing demands while processing more transactions with lower latency.

Our next generation servers have been optimized for business computing and decision support applications based on Oracle®, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP® HANA or SAP ASE databases with enhanced in-server flash storage, a larger memory footprint, and greater memory bandwidth to deliver more OLTP or OLAP database transactions in a glimpse of time for a bigger number of concurrent users, with streamlined, more automated management.

Empower your organization to make the most using our server solution that provides flexible, efficient, scalable solutions platforms to ensure your organization adapts to the changing market environment and consequently boosts your competitiveness.


As organizations are confronted by the pounding growth of user generated file data, silos of block storage, increasing file storage costs, underutilized capacity, mismanagement complexity, our solutions enables your enterprise to address your user file data nuisances effectively, efficiently, effortlessly, and without any compromise.

We tailor our storage solution to fit your organization needs by increase application performance with our scalable, efficient in-server storage optimized for key enterprise applications using versatile onboard storage configurations, high-capacity/bandwidth storage arrays be it for compute solution or converged storage ensuring your organization stays stress free.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

The fact cannot be neglected that Cloud computing offers unquestionable benefits in terms of mobility and cost-effectiveness. However, cloud computing platforms are not commodities whereby one can easily be substituted for another. Odds are that some of your workloads can only run on-premises and some can only run in specific proprietary clouds. Once you move a workload to a proprietary cloud, it typically requires reconfigurations to move back onsite.

Fortunately, our solutions don’t need to re-architect for different public cloud infrastructures. As our cloud computing services enable your organization to run both new and legacy applications in the cloud. Giving you an advantage of getting the best of both worlds by leveraging your existing investments while still gaining the agility and cost-effectiveness of a public cloud.

With our Cloud Computing Solutions, moving your IT to cloud helps your organization to be focused on business core activities making you more responsive to organizational demands thus ensuring sustainability.

We tailor a solution to fit your needs using one of the below Techbiz cloud offerings:

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Transform static desktops into secure, digital workspaces that can be delivered on demand by provisioning virtual desktops through a single virtualization platform to streamline management and easily entitle end users. Consolidate control, delivery and protection of end user compute resources with policies that dynamically adapt to the end user’s computing environment.

Our VDI solution delivers end-users with mobility and the freedom to access their desktops anytime, from anywhere, on any device while intensely reducing infrastructure requirements without compromising security.

Our solution enables you to easily support end users with access to virtual desktops and published applications. Transform application management from a slow, cumbersome process into a highly scalable, nimble delivery mechanism that provides faster application delivery and management.

Virtual Desktop
Power and Cooling

Power & Cooling

As the demands for faster processing can quickly overheat and exhaust IT investments, our optimized power and cooling solution enables your enterprise to improve data center operations and get the most from your Data Centre. Furthermore, our power monitoring and control solution aids with a variety of enterprise IT cooling needs ensuring your processes are swiftly operational, efficiently serviceable and are not in a stand still.

Our UPS systems deliver clean reliable power even in the toughest of electrical environments featuring 100% step-load capability which ensures a fast response to load changes with accurate voltage regulation. Moreover, our UPS systems incorporates fault tolerant circuitry that protects them from accidental short circuits usually caused by load side failures or overloads. In addition, our UPS systems are equipped with a 100 percent rated output static switch with a stable, reliable, predetermined response time. Low carbon footprint and full front access with zero electromechanical connections at the rear of the unit allowing the unit to be installed against the wall.

Operations Management

Optimizing your organization’s datacenter cannot be neglected with increasing demand and cost of operations, our unmatched systems management software services helps your datacenters stay optimized ensuring your organization stays cost-effective as well as efficient.

Our solutions enable your enterprise to achieve your desired computing state across on-premises and hosted environments. We enable this by bring together vendor neutral solutions that integrate technology, people, and processes to help enterprises transform their datacenters into strategic business assets, customized to their specific organizational needs.

Our open portfolio of systems management tools enables your enterprise management easier and more efficient with increased automation, simpler tools and mobile device access.

Operations Management

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